The Positive Message

BodyART combines training positions with classic breathing techniques to create a synergy of physical training and mental relaxation. The main goal of bodyART training is to develop the correct functioning of the entire body through functional strengthening and stabilization of the whole musculoskeletal system.

In contrast to traditional weight training, emphasis is put on the entire body and not just on one individual muscle. All exercises and positions are full-body exercises that train multiple muscles in the body at the same time. Many positions in bodyART require an increased balance technique. In this way, the focus of attention is placed on the body’s core.

This has the advantage that you are consciously focussed on your body and are not distracted by external factors. This ensures that you are breathing correctly and are increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain and muscles. The result: an increased coordination between the two halves of the brain. With the help of increased consciousness during training and directed breathing the body is able to relax.

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